Single Place for All Student’s Problem

Gyaani Guruji

At GYAANI GURUJI, we believe that every student deserves a supportive and reliable resource to address their academic and personal challenges. Our mission is to be the single place for all students’ problems, offering a wide range of services and support to help them navigate the complexities of their educational journey.


Our Services

GYAANI GURUJI aims to be companion for students to achieve academic excellence by provideng following services.


Personalized counseling sessions where experienced counselors work closely with students to understand their aspirations and help them choose colleges, majors, and programs that align with their goals through Whatsapp and Calling Helpdesk.


Information regarding various olympiads and competitive exams are being provided to students at regular basis through our websites and social media handle like youtube and instagram.

Financial Aid

Information and guidance on navigating the complex landscape of scholarships, grants, and student loans to make college education affordable Through our website

Customer Reviews


A range of testimonials from our happy customer across many engineering colleges.



I am literally so thankful to GYAANI GURUJI ❤️ because I didn’t imagine I would get this college. Thankyou so much 😊


Metri Jain


I loved the platform and the team out there is very much supportive and helping . They helped me throughout my councelling and at every step in whichever way they could.




You came to me during my councilling journey like a god , always suggesting best procedure .I don’t have nice collection of words to thanking you.


Primary Long-term goals


By providing comprehensive and personalized guidance, our startup aims to empower students to confidently embark on their college journeys. We envision a future where every student, regardless of their background, receives the support they need to make informed decisions about higher education, setting the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life. Through our ethical practices, expert guidance, and student-centric approach, we aspire to become a trusted partner in the academic success and personal growth of students across the nation.